0-6-0 Locomotives
in S Scale
Updated 03/01/2009



   Price and Reservation Process:

   Important Notice: Project is a GO! Construction has begun.
   - Thank you to all the early supporters of this project!!

   How to Reserve Your Model:
   - Simply call, email, or write, and let us know what model you would like to reserve.
   - We can accept deposit payments by check, money order, Visa, MC, Amex.
   - We would be happy to
accept deposits via PayPal.
 Simply email us and request an invoice via PayPal.
      Please read our  terms below regarding deposits made via PayPal
   - For more details on how to order any of our products, please see our Ordering Page.

   - Super detailing with accurate research.
   - Superb Paint and Lettering (options available).
   - Smooth operation, operating lights, couplers installed.
   - DCC ready with DCC control of all lights.
   - Two or more distinct versions available, several roadnumbers.
   - Sound options, DCC options (contact us!).

   Visit our 0-6-0 homepage

   Visit our Union Pacific S-51 0-6-0 page

   Visit our SouthernPacific S-12/S-14 0-6-0 page

   More Details Coming on all Versions...
   - Full specs on all the 0-6-0 locomotives.
   - Full list of Roadnumbers to be available.
   - Updates on construction and timeline.
   - Full details regarding DCC compatibility and sound options.

   If you have any questions that can't wait, please
contact us!

   Want to place an order? Call 440-263-4890
email us! and let us know what model you want!


   *Deposits via PayPal are considered a unique item, and incur a 0.8% handling charge ($2.80 per $350).
      We apologize to PayPal users for this handling charge.

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