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Updated 11/18/2008



Steam 0-6-0's in S Scale!
Union Pacific S-51

Limited Run Brass Imports

NYC LIMA built B11's
NKP LIMA built B11b & B11c's
UP Baldwin 1918 built S-51's

Modeling the SP? Program now includes:
Southern Pacific S-12/14's

See all price and deposit details here..

Read more about our 0-6-0 program here..


N&W Class G4 Gondola
The 52'6" War Emergency Gondola
1944 Composite & 1950 Steel Rebuild Versions

Limited Run 1:64 Scale Brass Import
Pricing starts at only $209
(steel version)
$224 (composite version).

Both Steel-Side and Wood-Side models
are available now!


Click for details - Updated November 18


50-ton Twin-Bay Steel Offset-Side Hopper Cars
C&O, NKP, ERIE, and more...

Several versions will be built in 1:64 scale
Models coming in 2008


Bridge Models:
Deck Plate Girder Bridges

More coming soon in 1:48...
88' Deck Plate Girder, Skewed One End

Coming: 94' version Skewed Both Ends


In The Works!
Bascule Rolling Lift Bridge

Working Bascule Lift Bridges in 1:48
128' Clear Channel - approx 260" Overall
Very Limited Production Brass Models



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