0-6-0 Locomotives
in S Scale
Updated 03/01/2009



  All models will be Ready-to-Run and feature:
  - Super detailing with accurate research.
  - Superb Paint and Lettering.
  - Smooth operation, operating lights, couplers installed.
  - DCC ready with DCC control of all lights.
  - Two or more distinct versions available, several roadnumbers.
  - Sound options and DCC options (contact us!).

  Visit our Union Pacific S-51 0-6-0 page
  Visit our SouthernPacific S-12/S-14 0-6-0 page

 Check back as we add:
  - More specs on all the 0-6-0 locomotives.
  - More details about specific roadnumbers to be produced.
  - Full details DCC compatibility and sound options

  If you have any questions that can't wait, please
contact us!

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New York Central B11 6780
 as photographed in Cincinnati, OH, 1948

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NYC 6780, Cincinnati, OH, 1948, Bob Lorenz Photo    

Nickel Platel B11c 63

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Union Pacific S-51 4444
 as photographed in 1948

Builder: Baldwin, 1918
Center mounted headlight
Late lettering style

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UP S-51 images here

UP 4444, Baldwin 1918, Grand Island NB, 1948, J.H. Conant Photo, James L. Erernberger Collection. Used with Permission of the UPHS    

Southern Pacific 1261
 Class S-12 with 52-C-1 Tender

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SP S-12/14  images here

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