N&W Class G4
Gondola Project
Updated 11/18/2008




N&W Class G4 52'6" War Emergency Gondola
The 1944 Wood (composite) & 1950 Steel-Side and Floor Rebuild Versions

Pricing starts at only $209
(steel rebuild version) $224 (composite version).

A selection of Steel-Rebuild and Composite models available now!

Latest News:  Unpainted models are now SOLD OUT.
  Starting prices are for Factory Painted Black, unlettered models.*
  ATSF Mineral Brown or Scalecoat High-Gloss Black finishes: Add $5.70.
  READING Green with special Steel-Gray Interior: Add $12.90.
PRR Oxide Red or PRR FreightCar Red finish: Add $5.70.
Die-Cast Trucks and Kadee Couplers: Add $9.95.

  * Quantity of Factory Black unlettered is now below 4 models each version.
  * Quantity of special colors is very limited.

  Next Arrival: Full Paint & Lettering for N&W, steel and composite versions.

Composite versions feature real laser-cut wood interior.

A Limited Run 1:64 Scale Brass Import.  Contact us  before they are all gone !


Real Wood Interior on Composite Version

Shown in Reading Green with Steel Interior

Lettered N&W


Shown in Black, RDG Green, ATSF Mineral Brown, PRR Oxide Red

Steel-Side Rebuilt and Composite Versions
Full Underbody Detail
Full Underbody Detail
Floor Board Detail on Composite Version


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