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Bascule Rolling Lift Bridge - Features and Specifications

 A super-detailed working brass model in development. Official announcement coming very soon!


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General Plan
General Plan - 1 of 50 Sheets.
(600x415, 28k gif)

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Prototype Photo - 1
(800x523, 100k jpeg)

  Page 3   Prototype Photo - 2
(783x355, 148k jpeg)
  Page 4   Prototype Photo - 3
(607x507, 137k jpeg)
  Page 5   Prototype Photo - 4
(800x525, 139k jpeg)
  Page 6   Prototype Photo - 5
(660x900, 172k jpeg)
  Page 7   Prototype Photo - 6
(620x349, 143k jpeg)
  Page 8  

Prototype Photo - 7
Vintage View before Rebuilding
(500x,383 29k jpeg)

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